ALUMNI WEEKEND 2018 oil on hardwood (gift to Columbia University Security/Public Safety)


“Strawberry Moon” was the last painting of my summer studio at Columbia University this season; those are campus hydrangea, lily and architecture; a Columbia dove, and a bee, deep inside a flower. — Alison


detail with citron lariat
Lemon Nude
rider detail
Alison Winfield-Burns: ALICE Self-Portrait with Sam Heart 2017/8
head detail
Model, gift to Alison’s fiancé Sam Kashner in 2010
Ophelia with Sam Heart by Alison ALICE Winfield-Burns, 2017, 36 x 36 inches (FROM THE SAUGERTIES ARTISTS STUDIO TOUR, JULY and AUGUST 2017: shown at the Saugerties Historical Society, Saugerties, New York)
Ophelia arrived via FedEx back home to my studio in Manhattan 2018
Darfur Tea 2009 (Permanent Collection at Columbia University in the City of New York)
NellyBushkinAlisonWinfieldBUrns2018SchermStudio - Edited
Nelly 2018 (Collected by Henry Bushkin, author of “Johnny Carson,” Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

Painter, Poet, Author Statement

I paint oil paintings as fresh and alive, with a lemon zest innocence. I sign my pieces “ALICE.” I signed early works with Latin or Greek phrases (see the drawing below for an example).

I select the finest oil pigments (Old Holland), spike lavender, and an array of elixirs containing linseed.

For portraiture, I require at least one in-person meeting/sitting. For classical nudes (Figure Painting), I work from life poses only.

Email: Alison.Winfield.Burns@gmail(dot)com

I am also on Twitter: @AGirlAmongBoys


by Alison Winfield-Burns from the unpublished memoir “Ivy League Bohemians”

Oh cabin in a mountain wood,
dear honey-suckled, English violet-ed berth,
how I long to live there, in thee
alone amongst whortleberries and blackheart leaf.

Bzzzzt!  a wasp’s nest, a hornet’s wrath,
the grizzly’s rage, the copperhead with fang,
and all the dirges of the long dead past
mean a rosy naught to me, because my belief

reposes and wakes with my loving love,
who turns the stinging stings to syrup
of an amber goodness so dulcet to taste
that the bears play and the snakes innocently roam.

If only my lemon-coloured Citron Star
would come home and away with me!
to Condor Nest of logs hand-chopped and crafted.
I shall polish and tend and make of thee a home.

Listen to the mocking bird a cooing-coo,
the owl on his chamber branch a whoing-who,
the dawn is breaking, and I the new bride making
a coffee rich and full for the sleeping lemon star,

whose pillow so recently have i quit
and to whose side I will immediately return
with breakfast tray of all best things laden,
exotic like the sapphire night and morning cinnabar.

(17 July 2010 before sunrise for Sam Kashner)

Alison ‘Alice’ Winfield-Burns

(author of “Jack Kerouac School(girl) of Disembodied Poetics”


“Ivy League Bohemians: A Girl Among Boys”)


She is a New York painter and the goddaughter of Abbess Ildegarde Ghinassi and Lady Jeanne Campbell with whom she lived many years in Rome. Alison is betrothed to poet/author/journalist Sam Kashner since 2010.

SheWolf - Edited
SHE WOLF 2010, pencil on watercolour paper


Alison has a Merit Award from the National Academy and exhibitions include the first annual “Deck the Walls” at Manhattan’s New York Academy of Art (work sold). Her paintings have hung at International Rescue Committee (IRC) Headquarters in New York and the Republic of Korea Permanent Mission to the United Nations. Her portrait of Oscar Wilde was acquired for the Permanent Collection of the Leslie Lohman Museum in New York City. She is an alumna of Columbia University (Art and Astronomy) and a former California Institute of Technology/NASA Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Art Influences

Alison’s favourite artist is the Italian Renaissance master painter Leonardo da Vinci. As a teenager, Alison was an early student of Allen Ginsberg at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics.


2016  Local Delicacies: Alison Winfield-Burns, Gallery at Lifebridge Sanctuary, Rosendale/Kingston, NY (Opening reception May 22, 2016, supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals)



2018 New York, TBA

2017  Saugerties Artist’s Studio Tour and Historical Society (Barn Gallery), Saugerties, NY

2016/17  Various Group Shows at Emerge Gallery, Saugerties, NY Reviewed in Poughkeepsie Journal

DEC Red flier_Winfield Burns_JPG (1)

2009  Deck The Walls, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY (work sold)

1996  Juried Fresco Exhibition, National Academy Museum, New York, NY         


1996  Merit Award for limestone fresco, National Academy, New York, NY

2007  Student Team X, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Comet Lander Design, Pasadena, CA


BA Visual Arts/Art History, Columbia University

BS Astronomy/Astrophysics, Columbia University

Additional Studies Include: New York Academy of Art (Figure Painting); Grand Street Atelier in Manhattan (Figure Drawing); National Academy of Design on Fifth Avenue (Fresco); North Carolina School of the Arts (Theatre and Dance); Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas aka the Angelicum (Philosophy); The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics (Student of Beat Poet Allen Ginsberg)

Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde, Oil on board, 2012, Copyright Alison Winfield-Burns (In the Permanent collection of the Leslie-Lohman Museum, Manhattan)

Incarnations of Studio Alice

ALICE studio peony, May, 2018 at Columbia University in Manhattan
Saugerties Village: studio visit from art critic Anthony Haden-Guest, 2017
Saugerties Village ALICE Studio 2017
Early ALICE Harlem studio 2012
Earliest ALICE studio: Lady Jeanne Campbell (artist’s godmother) 2000

I paint happiness with the life’s blood of a romantic young revolutionary.